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Rubber Tile/Tread and Vinyl Tread

Rubber Tile/Tread and Vinyl Tread


ABM Rubber Flooring offers superior durability and ease of maintenance that other flooring options cannot achieve. ABM Rubber Tile and Treads provide the long-term flooring solutions and performance required in commercial installations.

ABM Rubber Tiles are available in Round Disc, Square, and Milled profiles in 24 solid colors as well as 8 chip colors. Smooth finish tile is also available in 8 colors. ABM Rubber Flooring is naturally slip resistant and provides superior underfoot comfort and noise reduction.

ABM Rubber Treads are the perfect complement to flooring projects and provide the quality, durability and ease of maintenance needed for commercial stairwell areas. ABM Rubber Treads offer complementary blends of rubber tiles with smooth, round disc, square, and milled texture options. ABM also offers 7” risers in coordinating colors. All treads can be fitted with a 2” abrasive strip to provide a tactile and visual warning where required.

ABM Vinyl Treads can be an economical solution that combines affordability and durability when needed. The popular option for multi-family housing, ABM vinyl treads are offered in 4 coordinating colors with base and accessories. Vinyl treads are offered in 42”, 48” and 72” lengths. Abrasive strips can be added to all styles and 7” matching risers are available in all colors.


Rubber Tile
Nominal Dimensions:  18" x 18" x 1/8" Tiles, 20 per carton
Finish:              Raised Disc, Square, Hammered, Smooth

Rubber Stair Treads
Nominal Dimensions:     Various Lengths from 36” - 108” depending upon style
Finish:                 Smooth, Milled, & Raised Disc
Nose Configuration:     Round Nose, Square Nose, & Square Adjustable Nose
Abrasive Strip Colors:  Yellow, Black, White, & Glow in the Dark

Vinyl Stair Treads
Nominal Dimensions:     42", 48", & 72"
Finish:                 Ribbed
Nose Configuration:     Square Adjustable Nose & Round Bull Nose
Abrasive Strip Colors:  Yellow, Black, White, & Glow in the Dark

Rubber Tread Types





Vinyl Tread Types



Tile Finishes






ABM34 Black Hole

ABM24 Ember

ABM59 Plymouth Rock

ABM64 Dark Coco

ABM25 Regal Brown

ABM60 Brown Bay

ABM72 Matte Blue

ABM66 Volcanic Sand

ABM67 Dark Ash

ABM32 Weathered Wall

ABM27 Deep Sage

ABM49 Pigeon

ABM71 Metal Hint

ABM69 Smoothing Blue

ABM65 Quarry

ABM61 Rocky Ridge

ABM36 Beige Ridge

ABM62 Crumb Beige

ABM70 Bullet Gray

ABM68 Frosty Gray

ABM48 Silver Dollar

ABM41 Warm Thread

ABM63 Riviera White

ABM20 Winter White

ABM84 Burnt Toast

ABM87 Chocolate Chip

ABM81 Sky Shot

ABM82 Cinder Block

ABM80 Oatmeal

ABM86 Portabello

ABM83 Neutral Desert

ABM85 Sand Dune


Rubber and Vinyl Treads

Rubber Tile